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Top 4 Modern Kohler Shower Storage Solutions



Kohler shower storage hooks and accessories by Home Smart.

Kohler shower storage Metal Shelf Teak Tray Kohler by Home Smart

Home Smart shower storage with Kohler Shower LuxStone Marble Bath Tub White Grey Bathroom

Home Smart Shower Storage

Kohler shower storage lockers are recessed shelving units with adjustable shelves and baskets.





Design in shower storage solutions customized to your unique family needs. The average family shower has 15- 20 products such as shampoo, conditioner bottles, razors, loofas and the kid’s bath toys. Avoid a cluttered shower with in-shower storage solutions. Kohler has designed shower storage solutions with a luxurious shower system to accommodate them all. Most importantly, the Kohler LuxStone Shower System was created to organize even the busiest families with shower storage organization and sophistication. Vibrant designs and accessories in the shower will support your well-being and are smart and stylish. Here are the top 4 modern Kohler shower storage ideas and options recently released as part of the Kohler LuxStone Shower collection.

Recessed shelves in Kohler marble shower systems. Unique and modern storage solutions by Home Smart.

1. Recessed Shower Storage Locker Shelving & Baskets

The recessed storage locker unit provides personal storage that discreetly blends into the marble shower wall for a clean, organized space. The shelves are removable for easy cleaning, adjustable for convenience and have been uniquely designed to ensure no water can collect on the shelves. Also, the bottom ledge has an integrated foot ledge or shaving or washing your feet. Now even toothbrushes and razors can even be stored sanitarily within the shower via drained storage holders.

2. Floating Metal Shelves

Moveable modern metal shelves placed inside the shower on the Kohler marble walls give the appearance of a floating shelf. The positioning away from the wall increases water drainage and reduces cleaning. The shelves are available in multiple colors and finishes to match your new Kohler fixtures and marble walls. The shelves are removable for a thorough and most importantly, an easy cleaning.

3. Metal Shower Barre & Teak Trays

The shower barre is a stable point of contact while you enter and exit the shower therefore providing safety while shaving and washing your feet. The slim, flat profile allows the bar to double as additional storage space for shampoo bottles.  Another way to get more space for bottles is to add a teak tray. Teak shelves have openings to hold toothbrushes, razors and washcloths.

4. Metal Hooks

Uniquely designed shower hooks are sleek and waterproof so they can be installed inside your shower to hang your loofah, body brush or washcloth. The metal shower hooks can be installed outside of the shower to hang your towel or robe. Keep your showering items organized and easily within reach.

Kohler LuxStone shower systems are smart, stylish and caters to your needs, your style and your life. Remodeling your master bathroom, updating a shower in your hall bath or in need of a bathtub replaced with a shower, Home Smart provides free in-home Design Consultations with a down to the penny price. We also honor that price for one year from the date of your Design Consultation. Finally, from the low shower base to its thoughtful accessories, your shower will be customized to meet your needs. Created by Kohler with the highest quality crushed marble and easily affordable installation by Home Smart. Kohler marble showers with 0% interest financing plans available. Sign up above for even more in-shower storage options and monthly specials.Kohler LuxStone SHower


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Relax and enjoy your new bath or shower with the peace of mind that the work and products are covered by both the Kohler Warranty and the Home Smart Exclusive Labor Guarantee. All products are made in the US so be confident your new bathroom will provide you a safe space to age-independent in your home.

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